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Spinning-up a complete end-to-end retail bank in the cloud at FinovateEurope 2019

by five°degrees | 4 March, 2019


Peter-Jan Van De Venn (MD Business Development, five°degrees) and Fridrik Reynison (Head of product Strategy, five°degrees) opened the show with the first demo of FinovateEurope 2019 by showcasing our leading-edge “next-next-finish” process.

Enabling finance professionals to spin-up a new bank from scratch

For the very first time to the public, we demonstrate how we can spin-up and configure a complete end-to-end retail bank in the cloud. We have a so-called “next-next-finish” process and a UI that enables even non-IT professionals to spin up a new bank by just selecting the type of application, and the required modules, components and activities, then just 45 minutes later the bank-as-a-service is available.

With our Digital Core Banking platform Matrix, we can deliver the full stack required to run a banking operation in the cloud. In recent years, many banks and software vendors have been innovating at the level of websites and apps while leaving legacy systems running in the back. But the banking world now understands that you can only digitally transform a bank if you use innovative technology at every level.   

We focus on 3 key themes:

1. Configurability: enabling banks to set up their own products and processes without the need to call us or other IT professionals.
2. Automation:  keeping human interaction to the point where decisions need to be made.
3. Standardization: providing banks with best-practice building blocks.

Accelerating the entire fintech ecosystem

This new product enables banks to greatly speed up innovation and digitization. It can accelerate the entire fintech ecosystem even more with our new Marketplace, in which our entire ecosystem of partners and clients comes together to provide additional value-adding services.

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