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five°degrees academy

The five°degrees academy helps you master all the tools you need to build and maintain a truly customer-centric, agile, digital bank.

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functional path Functional Path 

These courses give you a thorough understanding of the functionality of Matrix. All the courses in the functional path will give you an insight into the background and setup of the different Matrix components. You will learn the skills to bring your knowledge into practice, so you’re all set to start configuring your digital bank. This path is useful for professionals who edit and configure Matrix, such as analysts, consultants, project managers and product owners.

If you are interested and you want to have a look behind the functionality, you're welcome to sign up for a technical course.

technical path  Technical Path 

These courses give you a thorough grounding in the more technical aspects of Matrix. The courses in the technical path will give you an insight into the way Matrix is deployed and how it communicates with different systems. After completing all the courses from the technical path you are ready to start installing and integrating Matrix. This path is useful for professionals who install and integrate Matrix, such as solution architects and developers.

If you would like a broader perspective of the system, and to understand the concepts and ideas behind Matrix, feel free to sign up for a technical course.

Academy element

Training overview

Matrix introduction

Matrix Fundamentals  functional path technical path

This training course introduces you to the basics of Matrix. It will give you an insight into the history of the system, a functional introduction and an overview of how Matrix is used by our clients.

Matrix mid

Matrix Technical Application Management technical path

In this training course, you learn how to install and deploy Matrix as well as all the basic skills you need to run the system.

Matrix Editors Practical functional path

This follow-up training course is an all-day practical course on using editors, at the end of which, you will be able to configure a complete template.

Matrix Editors and BPM functional path

In this two-day training course, you learn all about the BPM editor and how to create a process from scratch. We combine theory with practical skills to give you a complete overview of the editors used within Matrix. In addition, you learn how to create a form template.

Matrix Database functional path technical path

In this course you will gain an understanding of how the database is structured, the functional areas it contains and the logic behind it. The course will also give you insight into how data is stored and retrieved from the database. At the end of the course, you will have the knowledge required to handle troubleshooting.

Matrix System Integration technical path

This training course is focused on how to integrate Matrix with different systems.

Matrix accounts

Matrix accounts Fundamentals functional path technical path

This course covers the essentials of Matrix accounts.

Matrix accounts Practical functional path technical path

In this course, you study Matrix accounts more in-depth, applying the theory to practical exercises.

Available in 2019



Certificate Matrix Essentials

When you have completed a Matrix training course, you will receive a Matrix Essentials certificate.

Certificate Matrix Practitioner

To become a certified Matrix Practitioner you must attend a training course, complete an assignment and show you have practical experience in working with Matrix for at least 6 months by submitting a positive Matrix-project evaluation.

Certificate Matrix Expert

To become a Matrix Certified Expert you must attend all the courses in the development path, pass the exams, show that you have practical experience for at least one year and perform an assessment with one of our examiners.

Meet our great minds

Our trainers are all specialists who work with Matrix every day.

Ásta Björg Reynisdóttir academy trainer

Ásta Björg Reynisdóttir

Trainer Matrix Integration Services and Matrix Editors & BPM

Fridrik Rynisson

Trainer Matrix Integration Services

Edward van Koningsbruggen

Trainer Matrix Fundamentals

Bruno Macedo

Trainer Fundamentals and Matrix Editors & BPM

Michel Commandeur

Trainer Fundamentals and Matrix Editors & BPM

Kristina Ivkovic

Trainer Matrix Integration Services
Halldór Magnússon

Halldór Magnússon

Trainer Matrix Database